When Women Collaborate!

When Women Collaborate!

When a woman collaborates with another woman, she knows where the other person she is collaborating with is coming from. She knows the challenges the other women face based on the cultural differences or background she is coming from. She knows the other woman has decided and is determined to collaborate or do the project despite the different obstacles she has to face. She knows her additional responsibilities, like the whole family she cares for and the chores she has to manage in her daily life. She knows the other person is someone’s mother, wife, or daughter and has many responsibilities; despite that, she has decided to collaborate.

We live in a world where a girl living in a Western civilized part has different privileges than a girl in some other parts where fetching drinking water from far away is their daily morning routine. There are still girls who have to accept child marriages, and getting a school education is limited in their dreams. From a very early age, she has to take care of her family and raise children.

When a woman collaborates with another woman, she knows that being born into a privileged family or society does not solve her problem. She still has to face various societal judgments and prove herself to be a good girl/woman in how she presents herself. The judgment of being a good wife and mother is not limited to some societies but is equally present in wealthy societies.

When a woman collaborates with another woman, she has the conviction to feel the same amount of dedication she puts into her project. When such women collaborate, they are equally aware of the passion, determination, and ambition they both have in them.

When women collaborate, they are on a mission to contribute to fulfill their mission to inspire other women to go for their dreams. They collaborate and lead by example to contribute to their family, society, and the earth and make this earth a better place called home.