Here is why not to crave for perfection

Here is why not to crave for perfection

Why crave for perfection, when we know nothing is perfect. The moon that we see every night is not perfect either. Even that beautiful rose comes with those sharp thorns, that pure lotus blossoms from the muddy water. The other side of earth even has to face darkness every night. And that is the beauty of imperfection. Darkness is only the other part of story, the other end still has brightness. Pain and suffering is only one part of the story, the other end has the truth of life and it is beautiful if we understand. It is in the darkness we see the twinkling of stars in the sky. Just imagine how amazing the milky way galaxy at dark night looks. Isn’t it? The 9 months of a baby developing in a mother´s womb is not perfect either, the nausea morning, morning sickness, uncomfortable belly and the belly bump its not pleasant, the delivery of a baby is so painful but after the birth, a new life starts and it is so beautiful. The worry of parents while raising a child is so fearful many times but the love they have for the child is so pristine. So friends let us not crave for perfection instead find reason to see the beauty behind the imperfection. Why it is better not to crave for perfection? Because imperfection is more genuine and real.

“Behind many ugly and rough failures lies the unbound experiences and wisdom and that is what makes the journey beautiful and meaningful.” Recently I have been reading a book “how to be an Imperfectionist”, and let me  tell you that I am reading this not because I am perfectionist and willing to be imperfection. But this book is all about the new way to self-acceptance, fearless living and freedom from perfectionism. The author gives the message that Perfectionism makes you stay home, not take chances, and procrastinate on project; it makes you think your life is worse than it is; it keeps you from being yourself; it stresses you out; it tells you that good is bad; and it ignores the natural way in which things work. The author gives the message that imperfection isn’t bad, its freedom. Perfection isn’t bad either by definition, its flawless but perfectionism is problematic.

There is a term known as ´Imposter syndrome´. The imposter syndrome is a psychological term referring to a pattern of behavior where people doubt their accomplishments and have a persistent, fear of being exposed as a fraud. For example, if you feel below your job´s qualifications or prestige, you have imposter syndrome. The author also gives the message that Perfectionism either leads to or is caused by fear, depending on the person. If you are scared , your fragile state of mind will want things to go perfectly or not at all. Or if you are perfectionist requiring the absolute best results, pressure can scare you. Sometimes we use perfectionist as an excuse and procrastinate things we need to accomplish. And at last but not the least, Perfectionism is limitation and imperfectionism is freedom, so begin your transformation into being an imperfectionist. “You´ll be glad you did ” the author Stephen Guise says.

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