My spiritual journey

My spiritual journey

As I reflect on my journey from leaving home in Kathmandu for my undergraduate studies to pursuing my masters in Germany, I can’t help but acknowledge the profound spiritual healing that has taken place over the years.

These years weren’t just about academic pursuits; they were a transformative path, filled with emotional turbulence, financial challenges, and moments of health adversity. I’ve come to realize that life’s trials and tribulations serve a profound purpose. They force us to confront our deepest insecurities, fears, misbeliefs, and the emotional baggage we’ve carried not only from this lifetime but from others we may have lived.

In facing these hurdles, we often find ourselves grappling with traumas, and it’s a journey of suffering, understanding, and ultimately reaching a point of acceptance. Through these experiences, we become fully conscious of our circumstances and the strength within us.

Today, as I stand with a loving family, a beautiful baby, and a stable life, I’m deeply grateful for the spiritual wisdom I’ve gained along the way. It has equipped me to guide others who, like me, ventured far from home for studies or work. I want to share my experiences, to let them know that every challenge, every setback, happens for a reason.

Life has an incredible way of bringing us to the right place at the right time. Our journeys may be different, but the destination is the same – finding peace and fulfillment in the canvas of life’s experiences.