You might be a Coal being turned into a Diamond!

You might be a Coal being turned into a Diamond!

For this article I realized and decided to take an inspiration from a self-help and a memoir book by the writer Matt Haig, “Reasons to stay alive” where he writes about his sufferings from Depression and anxiety. He gives an example of famous leader like Abraham Lincoln had two massive depressive breakdowns when he was 32, which made him an influencer thinker. Similarly Winston Churchill lived with depression for much of his life too, and the writer John Gray believes Churchill didn´t overcome depression to become a good war leader, rather that the experience of depression directly enabled him to be one. He also mentions not to ignore that a lot of Freud´s work was based on his analysis of his own depression. There are many examples of successful people who have struggled in their early life in terms of bad health, wealth and failures but with much perseverance and faith in Universe and continuous love for life, they meet success at the end. We can take examples of many great personalities who have overcome difficult situation and finally succeeded in their endeavors.

Another quotation I would like to mention here is from the writer Haruki Murakami which states “And once the storm is over you won´t remember how you made it through, how you managed to survive. You won´t even be sure, in fact, whether storm is really over. But one thing is certain, when you come out of the storm you won´t be the same person as you walked in.”

Just like diamonds are made from coal by undergoing extreme temperature and pressure there comes the situation in everyone´s life that test our strength and determination to live life fully. All we need to do is be strong, believe in the process of life whose aim is always to make us stronger and better version of ourselves. Every type of struggle or pain given to us has a purpose to play, we can stop for some time and realize what it teaches us. When we seem to fail to solve the puzzle, one thing we can rely on, and that is Time. They say “Time heals” which is so true, be it a heart break, or financial crisis, health issue, relationship issues, all of these require time to settle down and heal back.

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Every situation that comes into our life is here to teach us, if we are given a positive prosperous life we should learn to help others as per our capacity, learn to be humble and share the positivity that we have experienced. When we face a challenge of financial issues, we should learn to be patient and work hard to overcome it. Health issues arises in our lives to teach us that we don’t have control over things and learn to have faith in God, or Universe or any faith we have. If we face a heart break, it might be there to teach that time can heal everything and there is always a better tomorrow.

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