Your story matters for sure!

Your story matters for sure!

For most of my life, I wanted to find my passion and thought there must be something that could be meaningful to me. Only lately, I recognized that sharing through writing has been a means of a fulfilling approach. Instead of finding a job, I thought of creating one by myself, so I started journaling in a notebook and later came up with the idea of starting a blog. In order for my thoughts and ideas to be heard,  I started writing as well as speaking via a podcast. I then realized how nice would it be to collaborate with other people regarding creativity and art work. Then I initiated connecting with my friends who are in creative fields and started sharing their work through my website. So these days I realize whatever I want to create, I should learn to initiate. Here in this platform, I have shared my part of the experience in terms of so called not successful career, my spiritual journey, stories of isolated times where I have shared my opinions of mental health importance to us and our younger generation. This Blog is still in the initial phase and is limited mostly within my close and extended relatives and friends. But I believe that persistence is the key to success, so I will keep integrating new ideas with this creative project, and today I want to share my belief that “your story matters for sure.”

At this time of confinement in our homes, I would like to ask you to share your part of life journey in any areas that may be career-wise, relationship-wise, health-wise, emotions wise. I know that it is not easy for all of us to be expressive on the internet about our personal stories. So maybe the solution for it would be to share your part of stories via email, and if you want, I can use your story and not disclose your personal information, including the name. Your thoughts through the comment section are welcome too.

I would appreciate your story in the form of an article or just some lines of comments would be a great start. I would mention your story in my next Blog. It may be helpful for someone else going through a similar experience like yours, and it could be a source of inspiration for some. We would like to hear your success stories or the principles that you follow that have helped you in your success. We would love to hear about things that inspire you, your dreams, no matter how big or less significant it is. Yes, your disappointments and regrets and failures matter too, we can make this website a platform to connect with each other by means of our stories. Please let me know how you feel about this, and I would be delighted if you wish to become a part of this idea. If you are passionate about talking more about the life lessons you have gained, I would be happy to make a session of the podcast I have created lately (everydaysinspiration at SoundCloud).

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