A love note to my Son!

A love note to my Son!

 I have always wanted to become good better and best in my life. But every time passes by I feel I am getting even further from perfection. Perfection is the last thing I want in my life now. Because being a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, daughter in law, I am no more close to perfection and now I understand that this is normal .

With the presence of Shiwan I realized how important the life is and how beautiful a life is . I don’t have to be perfect in any way, just the presence of any of us in this world is already a miracle and we should be proud of this.

So this is a note I want to make for my son Shiwan, he may find it useful when he grows up. Dear son I want you to know that you are as special as any other human being no matter what you may go through in life. I will never compare you with any one of your age kids while you are growing up, while developing as a child. You don’t have to be any better than any of your friend or cousin or relatives, the most important thing in your life is you to be simply you and happy. I want you to celebrate your life as much as possible.

Being a good human being, being humble, kind and compassionate are the things you should always strive to become. Live life with no comparison but with absolute term to make it as meaningful as possible.

My dear son, you are already a miracle for us in this world and you are the reason of our smiles. So when ever in your life you feel alone, depressed, sad, remember that your presence in our lives has given meaning and you should always feel special about yourself. I want you to realize life is beautiful in every step. I will never force you to choose any field of profession but would be happy if you are happy . Remember you are not judged by your success.

I would be happy to see you being ambitious but aims that desire to help others would make you even a better person. This I have learned from your father, that kindness is the most important jewellery one can carry ever and that makes us a beautiful person inside out.

I would also like you to know, that being perfect is not possible in any way but accepting your vulnerability makes you more human and more authentic.  Impress other not by your looks but by your personality and attitude of enthusiasm and optimistic nature towards life. Dear son in life you may face many hurdles but in any tough situation remember “this too shall pass” and move forward. We as your parents will always be there for you, so while growing up take us as your friends and share your feelings with us. Sharing and talking about feeling and emotion can heal us as parents and you as well.

It is necessary to earn wealth but it is not as important as earning friends and loved ones so always try to earn the later.  Collecting memories and happiness is more important than collecting material possessions remember that. Be someone who people look up to when they are having difficult problems rather than being a party animal who can charm the party.

So baby I want you to feel life is beautiful in any situation be it occasions, festivals, victories or be it a challenging situation. We all have good times and bad times so if something wrong happens which I wish would not happen, believe that bad time is always followed by the good one , we just have to be patient and be optimistic in any situation. Dear son we love you so much Mamma and Papa !!