Inner work is as important as the outer work

Inner work is as important as the outer work

We are taught from early age to show up, to participate, to contribute, to be visible, outgoing. So in this long run, we focus ourselves in achieving and feeling good about how and what others think about us for our achievement.

From all these years of experience, what I have learnt is, inner work is as equally important as outer work. To pause is equally important, to take rest, to plan, to settle down a bit and dream are some of the ways I invest my time in. Inner work means to think who we are, what have we achieved till now, what we want from life, what are our goals. And this inner work may take 30 minutes or one free weekend, a year, a decade or even it may take a whole lifetime.

Inner work has many definitions we can find out there, but this is my personal and self experienced thoughts. For me it is like nurturing the plant of good intentions and goal and removing the weeds of ego, self sabotaging thoughts, jealousy, depressing thoughts.

In today´s world when we say we are doing the work it is generally the outer work that is seen like a job, meeting, sports etc. but most of the time what we are missing is the inner work.

Inner work in my view is looking deep into the stuffed feelings like old hurts, self-hatred, stored pains and memories that we want to forget in order to bring about the light from all these feelings. Inner work brings us power through pain, helps dissolve shame through storytelling, turn anger into protective energy, and soften sadness to surrender, melt conflicts to connections and convert judgment into compassion.

Some of the inner work may involve

  • Meditation
  • Journal habit
  • Prayer
  • Time off
  • Walking
  • Reading
  • Coaching or therapy