My Father, My Silent Teacher

My Father, My Silent Teacher

I have a memory that will stay with me forever. After finishing high school, I was moving to the capital city, Kathmandu, for higher studies and my father came to see me off at the rickshaw. As he bid me goodbye, he shook my hand and gave me his best wishes for my future. It was just a few seconds, but it felt like a lifetime.

In that moment, I felt like I was leaving for a great mission into the world by myself. Pursuing my ambition of further higher degrees and making a reputable career seemed like a daunting task. But my father’s words of encouragement gave me strength and confidence.

As I embarked on my journey, the road was not easy. There were countless challenges, failures, and moments of disillusionment. But every time I stumbled, I remembered my father’s words. He knew that the world was not going to be easy, but he believed that the tough journey was the best journey. Through adversity, we can learn more about ourselves and inspire others who are willing to walk the difficult path.

Nowadays, I talk to my father on the phone every now and then. We talk about mundane things like what we ate and how the weather is in the parts of the world we live in. But for me, that moment when he saw me off to Kathmandu is something that I always recall when I need emotional support.