Are you proud of yourself!

Are you proud of yourself!

Are you happy about yourself? No matter how many times you have failed, be proud of yourself because you tried and have been trying. If you have been heartbroken, how many times, be proud that you have always loved someone with all your heart. If you are struggling with a disease, please be proud of yourself that you are fighting it.  If you don’t feel peace at your mind because you don’t know your purpose, be pleased that you are still searching for it. If you failed your exam once or many times, be proud that you are attempting and not giving up. If you fell and fighting to get up again, be proud of your motivation and your courage to get up every time you fail.

If you are a mother, then be proud of your child as your beautiful creation. If you are a father, then be proud of yourself because you are the best hero of your child ever. If you are a friend, then please be glad that you shared your happiness, success, and birthdays with other friends. If you are a sister, be proud that you could ever wipe the tears of your sisters and brothers. If you are a brother, you protected your sister from anything or anyone harmful, so be proud of yourself. If you are grandparents, be proud that you could share your life experiences with your grandchildren.

See, you can always be proud of yourself because you are always playing the roles of every relationship mentioned above, and you are worthy of being happy about yourself. No matter what, the fact that you exist here is the reason you should be proud of.

Sometimes we expect so much from ourselves and keep on demanding to do better and achieve more, that we forget that we already have so much going on we can be proud of. We forget to remind ourselves that its okay to fail sometimes, get hurt sometimes, not fulfill others’ expectations sometimes, and thank ourselves for just being. It is in our hands to remember the things we have accomplished and be proud of ourselves.

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