Self-love can heal us!

Self-love can heal us!

During my early days of soul searching and personal development quest, I came across a very common yet new term for me called Self-love. In the beginning I assumed it to be somewhat a selfish idea, and then later eventually got to know more about it. As I became familiar to this idea, I came to realize that how much I need to accept Self-love in my life, and how self-love can heal us. There are basically few examples that we can take care of in our life in order for us to practice Self-love:

Positive self- talk

There were times when I felt that I could not succeed in my life in terms of my career. I kept telling myself, it’s difficult, it’s impossible, I am not enough to make it happen. And such negative self- talk always attract negative events in our life and not to ignore the fact that according to Law of Attraction, you attract what you focus on. We look at the mirror, make assumptions about how we look physically and feel not pretty or beautiful enough which is not helpful. So we need to keep telling ourselves that we are good however we look and worthy of everything good in life. Continuous positive Self-talk is so much important not only to get what you want in your life but also to feel good about own self.

Living without judging ourselves

It so easy to get trapped into the pitfall of self-hatred and self-judgment. Which is not good for the mental health as well. For instance, because of a bad relationship with our partner or unsuccessful career we tend to harm ourselves with negative thought and self-criticism. For healthy version of our body, soul, and spirit, we must take care of ourselves. This is where self-love is necessary. We may not be extraordinary good looking, but let’s value ourselves in terms of our kindness, compassionate nature, this is more important for us rather than how we look externally.

Living without Comparison

A person close to us may have a wealthy and so called perfect career or relationship compared to others. We may feel less happy about not being able to go for expensive vacation or not getting to have branded items. But we don’t know if those people who seem to have perfect life might be having health issues or some other issues which they might be struggling with. People normally don’t share the dark side of their life, because we like to look perfect and happy. So let’s accept that no one has a perfect life, and we are here on the Earth to learn lessons from experiences and our imperfections. Everybody is dealing with one or other issues in their lives so let’s be happy about what we have in our share of life and live without comparing our self to others.

Living with Gratitude

Each new day is a miracle, today might be the last day for someone, and we have been given a new day to live. We don’t know what life has for us. But we can always be thankful for things we have in our life. If we see carefully, there should be lot of things we can be grateful for. If we focus on things and people we have rather than on what and who we don’t have, we attractive more of things we can be grateful for.

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Being in nature more often

In this modern world it’s difficult to spend time with nature. But small walk in the park close by, or a short hiking, could be refreshing to our soul. Gardening could be an option for people who are interested in it. I would like to keep Meditation also as a form of being in nature, because it is the way of connecting human body to our higher self and to the higher consciousness which have already proved to be useful for healthy body and mind.

Doing what we love

Reward yourself, celebrate small successes. Do more of things that spark your heart. This could be any hobby or creative pursuits you always feel good about. It could be any form of art or even spending time with your friends or family. It does not have to be great things we need, even having a cup of coffee in cold winter might make you feel good, or watching your favorite movie or even reading your best author could make you feel happy.

The above points that I have described could be just few among many practices we could follow which directs us towards Self-love. Self-love is not something we just do once when we are stressed or we are in bad phase of life, it’s a lifelong practice and way of living that we should adapt in order to have a mindful life which could feed our Soul and body for a healthy mental and spiritual life. And hence Self love can heal us.

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