True that : Universe has your back, slowly but surely!

True that : Universe has your back, slowly but surely!

We have a strong desire to do something meaningful in our life. But it does not happen instantly, first the universe brings in front of us our deepest fears, secrets and our dark side of the soul. It then teaches us to acknowledge the both dark and bright side of ourselves. And then makes us realize our strength and weaknesses. It shakes up our ground and makes us doubt our strength, we are then made to walk alone through all the negativity we have in our mind. It makes us hopeless, aimless, and passionless. We are dead metaphorically, we don’t remember who we are, what we like and what our dreams were. There is no light at the end of the tunnel and then comes out a small hope to live the life any way, and you feel Universe has your back.

Just like the new green leaves comes out in spring, we have the greedy desire to survive in the world, we look for second chance to let ourselves live, deepest desire to dream and imagine beautiful life helps us focus on the smallest thing that we like. For eg. a good music makes us feel good for some time, then we seek for an interesting books that resonates with our situation, things start to change. We start talking to God, we pray for life and happiness. The conversation is never one sided, God replies by the means of Universe which says ´´Universe has your back, slowly but surely”.

We see inspiration from small and tiny things of our life, we appreciate our family, we appreciate the food in our plate, and we appreciate our good health. We see meaning in every single events of past, present, that mold us into our new being, strong confident, vulnerable and motivated. And then the miracles start happening, we find situations favoring us, new people march up to us and our new way of being. And then it’s not only our aim and mission but it becomes a universal mission to be happy and find meaning in each of our lives. This is how universe works in our favor by first working against us and later making our dream even more beautiful than we had imagined it to be.

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