If you are feeling low

If you are feeling low

If you are feeling low at any point of life then please be assured that it is not going to last long. Whenever you feel that you cannot go longer then please believe that you are going to reach your goal. There is a saying, nothing lasts forever, similarly every bad situation won´t last long either. All you need to have is that faith in yourself and in the process of universe that you are here to fulfill your dreams and reach the goal. In the process of struggling with the low emotional phase remember to be grateful with what you already have, this makes the process easier. I have learned that having of sense of gratitude for whatever we have at the present moment i.e. “Now”, can make the journey easier. So please remember the blessings you have, like having good health, being with your loved one, having that education which other may not have had, having that home for shelter, having good food on your plate, the bed to lie on and thousands of many other blessings. Not everyone gets everything at the desired point of time, if you are struggling to get that perfect job, then you should be aware that the other person has a job like yours, but they might not have the perfect relationship or family support like you are blessed. Everyone is striving for something but at a certain given time we all have something special we should be thankful for. I have realized that the more you express gratitude, the more you are happier and welcome further happiness in your life. I remember myself wishing for things that I did not have at that time and being sad and not feeling grateful for my blessings. But as time passed by I have been learning to accept my limitations and then be grateful for having countless things that many people can only dream. In this way I create space for optimism and inviting more success and happiness. There is a saying “The grass is greener at the other side of the fence”, but it is in our hand to see the greener part of our side of the fence.

Some facts about Gratitude are it:

-Shields you from negativity

-Makes you at least 25% happier

-Rewires your brain

-Eliminates stress


-Improves sleep

-Boosts self-esteem and performance

-Enhances the law of attraction

-Improves relationships

Below is the link that explains how gratitude can help motivate us:


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