Please don´t give up!

Please don´t give up!

If you are in the middle of something but tired of doing it and willing to quit then please don’t quit. You may be close to your destination and may require just a few more steps or hours or days or months to reach where you want yourself to be. If you are feeling you can’t do it anymore then please don’t give up, you might be just close to your dream. You don’t know if someone might be taking you as a source of inspiration. You might have forgotten that, it is your dream not someone else’s, it is up to you to go to that final steps, so you have to reach the finish line. If you are struggling from some disease then please don’t lose hope and don´t give up. You have so many people who love you and your well being might be so important to them. Please have faith and fight that disease. Life is beautiful and there are so many things to be grateful for. They say tomorrow never comes, but if today you are struggling, then for you tomorrow will come for sure and with that hope you have to keep going.

If you are discouraged by someone then please know that person has no faith in their dream so they are discouraging you. Optimistic people never discourage others, so please take an example of people who even in a very harsh situation have strived to fulfill their dreams or even living their lives happily. The greater the dream of yours the more challenging it is, so if you are facing some adversaries then believe that your dream is significant.

If you are facing failure time and again, this means you are trying and those who try do succeed. So make your failure the step to success, be aware that each failure you encounter is there to show you the right direction and make you experienced. While working to make your dreams come true don’t forget to enjoy the journey as it is also the major part in experiencing success.

When I talk about fulfilling dreams, that doesn’t only mean making that career leap, or getting that promotion or having that successful business. Dreams do not only mean acquiring that material possession, but it also means having peace of mind, a healthy and positive outlook towards life, satisfaction in the relationships and living every day with a sense of spiritual fulfillment. If you think you have achieved what you have always wanted then share your experience with us, motivate others, speak words of inspiration, this way we can add value to our lives!

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