When things are beyond our control

When things are beyond our control

We plan our life or education or career and events that we have always wished for. When things don’t go as we have planned or expected, we blame the people around, or the kind of circumstances we are in for that. If we don’t get what we have expected it disturbs us demotivates us, upsets us and we start questioning our self-worth. Recently I was reading a book “ You can win” by Shiv Khera, where he addresses step by step tool for top achievers. The writer inspires and encourages people by making them realize their true potential. His trademark is “Winners don’t do different things, They do things differently.” The whole book gives a message about the importance of Positive thinking and positive believing. Some of the qualities that make a person successful are as follows:

1. Desire

2. Commitment

3. Responsibility

4. Hard work

5. Character

6. Give more than you get

7. Persistence

8. Get a mentor, be a student

The book also pinpoints the reasons why we don’t achieve excellence, they are

1. Unwillingness to take risks

2. Lack of persistence

3. Desire to get an instant reward

4. Lack of priorities

5. Looking for shortcuts

6. Selfishness and greed

7. Lack of conviction

8. Bad plan

9. No preparation

10. Not learning from experience

11. Fear

12. Lack of discipline

13. Low self-esteem

14. Lack of knowledge

15. Lack of purpose

16. Lack of courage

I have not included all the points but only those which I felt is true for me. Since this blog mission is to motivate and inspire people, I also include what the writer has to say regarding Inspirations. “Inspiration is thinking and motivation is action. One can be inspired to motivate themselves. An environment can be created that is motivating. Some of the ways to inspire to motivate people are:

· Give recognition

· Give respect

· Make work interesting

· Be a good listener

· Encourage goal setting

· Provide training

· Throw a challenge

· Provide opportunities for growth

· Help, but don’t do for others what they should do.”

We have to make habits of motivating and speaking positively to others. We never know when our words may make or break someone’s spirit. It is up to us how we use our words for the good of our friends or families or even the strangers.