How it started, my online journey Companion!

How it started, my online journey Companion!

It was in November 2018 after I had ended my work contract in Rostock, I came back to Jena with my husband. Staying away and living separate was not an option for us anymore. So I realized I have to use my time in creative things but was not sure what exactly. At times, I used to be frustrated and felt there is no other way for me to use my time creatively. I started then looking for personal development articles and videos on the internet. I have always loved reading books, and also sometimes I would write but just only roughly. During that time, I was searching for inspirational and motivational videos and trying to figure out what it is that I would love to do as creative pursuits. And maybe in future make it a full-time work.

In this run of trying to find out my interest I came across some You tube videos. Out of many inspiring people, one of my favorites is Erin may Henry, her link is as below:

Here is a link to my other post where I have mentioned people who have motivated me during my journey

This is the link to website which has motivational quotes to motivate you: