Be a Pathfinder !

Be a Pathfinder !

We are social beings and are always following the traditions of our elders, or circles or people we have ever known. The real miracle happens when we see a different prospect of life when we dream what others have never imagined and become a pathfinder. And when we start pursuing our dreams, we become a higher version of ourselves. Last year I visited my relatives in the USA and had an amazing time. During a conversation with one of my closest relatives, she said: “Your life doesn’t have to be like others, your life can be different and good in its way.” There are something we all know about, but sometimes we want to hear those words from others which can be life-changing. I am thankful to her, whenever I feel I am not sufficient enough, I remember that quotation and realize how awesome my life already is.

Time has always been a great teacher. When I look upon my life span till now, I have realized that everything has had some lessons, and it is our role to learn from it. Following our dreams may not be an easy path. If the vision is different from the stereotypes of society, people surrounding us may get confused. When we try to pave a way of your own, it might look risky for the people who care about us. They may try to bring us back to the track of the stereotypical rules because such paths have been proved to be comfortable and safe. So, if we have a dream or vision of achieving something others have not yet reached, we must trust ourselves and not be afraid of taking risks.

I have an example of one of my closest relatives, I have seen throughout my childhood, he has been an entrepreneur and own pathfinder. At one point, he had a vision about a business idea and was willing to take a risk by investing a massive amount of money. At that time, every other members were suspicious about his step to invest a huge amount. In the end, he decided to invest a lot with a tremendous amount of loan, but he had a vision and confidence that he would succeed. At the end, you know what, his business is flourishing, and everyone is proud of him. I have many other interesting stories from our family and relatives, from which I get many good lessons. I will continue sharing with you all later in my blog.

The takeaway message from this article is, believe in your dreams and learn to pave the path for yourself so that others can take an example from your life story.
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