Bidding a farewell to 2019 and welcoming 2020

Bidding a farewell to 2019 and welcoming 2020

It´s been a long one year and today is the last day of 2019. I remember starting this 2019 with an average level of excitement for the coming days, eventually it ended in an amazing note. The aspirations have always been high but time has always challenged me to keep up the spirit at the constant level without being discouraged. This year was not easy from an emotional perspective, the days have been filled with a roller-coaster ride with many glitches.

Moments of self-doubt, uncertainty, aimlessness has added one more year of maturity to my life journey to make me wiser. Before this year I never looked back into what I achieved or experienced but maybe I am in my 30s, so every year feels more precious.

From this year what I treasure are, the moments when I realized my passion for writing and started my blog, and understood the power of practicing gratitude. I traveled to my most-awaited trip to Switzerland and had an amazing family time after long, and this trip was different than others because we were traveling in a group instead of as a couple. After a long time I got to spend time with family towards the end of this 2019 which made me realize how important the company of family is.

At this point in my life for the first time I felt like I should make a new year’s resolution and be more serious about my plan. I have always tried to push my self beyond my comfort zone and do things that test my patience level. A few years ago I attempted my first solo travel from Germany to Italy and now I am looking forward to trying again next year. Aiming big and focusing on a career is important but appreciating small things like wishing and celebrating someone on their birthdays, wrapping gifts, baking cake for a birthday, listening to someone in need, passing compliments and sending happy and funny smileys often makes life prettier.

Things I want to accomplish in 2020 are connecting more with family and in-laws, post more content in a blog, create more, read more books, listen to different music, hike more often, appreciate others, judge less, laugh more, pray more, smile more and live everyday like its the last day.