Just to be!

Just to be!

How beautiful it is just to Be!

No sense of urgency to reach somewhere or to do something, just the feeling of being. Nothing to achieve nothing to loose. Nothing to worry about but just be, here at this moment. Feeling the rays of sunlight at your face, that cool but warm breeze passing by your hair, and that feeling of presence at this moment. Nothing to quarrel about, no expectation to fulfill and nothing to fear about. No sorrys and no thankyous, no goodbyes and no hellos. Not the feeling of incompleteness nor the idea of being perfect. How beautiful it is just to be, at this moment. No comparisons and no judgments, not the desire to fulfill any dream or even not dream at all. How beautiful it is just to be, here and now, at this moment, forever and beyond. No imaginations, no inspirations but only that matters is you exist, here just on the earth and below the sky. No borders and no principles nothing to fight for, how beautiful it is just to be. No tears in eyes and no regrets in heart, only the feeling of being here just to be.

How beautiful it is just to be!

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