Childhood bliss!

Childhood bliss!

Let me take you all to the memory lane of my childhood bliss and the memories. I come from Biratnagar, the eastern part of Nepal, and it is the Terai region, also called the breadbasket of Nepal. I am fond of monsoon season in Nepal which I miss here in Germany.

I remember my golden days in a village called Bansbari, where my maternal grandparents and uncles (Mama) used to live; that’s why called “Mamaghar (Mama-house).” I was very close to my grandfather, who passed away early in around his 60s. When I was around two, three years old, I used to live with my grandparents, and it was the most beautiful part of my childhood. When I recall the memories, I remember seeing the big farmland until the horizon, with wheat or rice plants. The farm was golden during the harvesting time and green during the monsoon. In the summertime, the children used to swim in the canal located in front of our house. During those days many people didn’t have Television, for the special TV programs like Mahabharata or Saturday movie, the villagers came to our home. My grandparents always welcomed them wholeheartedly. My grandmother had many cows, and I remember there was one who used to scare other children and me as it used to run after us. I also had my favorite white cow, which was very gentle and calm with lovely black eyes.

After I came back to live with my parents, I started to go to school, and I with my siblings could visit Mamaghar during holidays. We had one month of summer vacation and holidays during the biggest festival Dashain; it was when we could visit Mamaghar for a more extended period. The other exciting part of my childhood is my cousins. My mother had eight siblings, so this led us to spend our childhood with almost a dozen of cousins. We all gathered together during the holidays and had fun.

As we started growing up, the situation started changing. My grandmother passed away from Cancer. As I visited Bansbari last December, the village is not like as before because now they have begun plotting land for building houses and factories. We don’t see the crops growing until the end of the horizon. Most of us among our cousins are living abroad, and we don’t get to meet up with each other. As time passed by, it started being difficult even to meet our siblings often or attend any festival gatherings.

Maybe this is the trap of being an adult, growing up to become educated, earn a living, and to be a responsible individual. If only I could go back again to my childhood bliss and experience the same level of excitement. I wish the farm was as wide as it was before. I wish of spending time in nature collecting the gooseberries, climbing the guava trees, catching the colorful dragonflies. And not having to bother about what time to wake up tomorrow to get ready for office.

I have shared my experience about my time of solitude after many years away from home and family.