Solitude could become a gateway to Self-discovery?

Solitude could become a gateway to Self-discovery?

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As I have already mentioned about me living in Germany for long time, I would like to share my experiences regarding Solitude and its consequences that has brought in my life. While I was in Bonn during my graduate studies, I stayed in an apartment with shared kitchen and bathroom with other students. I had one best friend, we came along together to Germany. But I was staying alone on the hostel, it’s called ´´Studentenwerk´´ in German. I was new to place, food, culture, people, transportation system, festivals, and weather and away from my family. This is something all the students who travel abroad for further studies have to accept. The easier and faster you adapt to it easier the life can become.

I had both good and bad experience in University, but I could not make good friends here as I would have made in my country where everyone speaks the same language and have same culture and everything. May be I was too conscious about the way I communicated, about what I wore, about how I looked and was always alert if I would be judged by the people over here. Slowly, I was going through the solitude and was not socializing too much, not making friends, not going out, and staying inside the room for many days. No any complain about anyone but I had hard time performing well in laboratory during my thesis which was in Pharmaceutical chemistry subject. After finishing our Master’s degree, Kritan and I decided to go to Nepal and we got married.

And we returned back, the lonely time I was in Bonn and not so good thesis time had made my confidence low and I was more confined to my solitude. When Kritan went to work, I started spending time reading spiritual texts, books, see more spiritual youtube videos, I was interested in astrology and could be able to look more deeper into my astrological birth chart from where I could understand the planetary aspect in my chart which was influencing the kind of person I have becoming. Astrology became an aspect about understanding myself, about my strengths, weakness, my personality and my tendency towards spirituality also was explained by certain planetary position in certain chart houses.

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During my stay in Rostock for 2 years during my well paid job in a Diagnostic company was good in terms of meeting people, socializing with selected friends and partying sometimes but I was away from my husband. After coming from work I had a solitude life, almost alone where in those time I used to go for walk by the bank of river, ponder and think about what really I like to do in my life and then I realized that 9-5 job was not for me, and during those days I started writing seriously. I realized I have been more inclining to spiritual aspect of life, though I still value the importance of materialistic things in life but understood the philosophy that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. We create our own reality and whatever we desire we can accomplish it by just asking to the universe and taking appropriate actions to get what we want from life. I also realized that whatever happens in our life, it is for a reason which is always good. For me solitude led towards self-discovery about what I wanted in my life and I found the passion of writing down my stories and living life more happily and with mindfulness and enjoying my relationship with my partner and family, spending more time in nature. After spending two years in Rostock, I then came back to Jena and started living with my husband. And being in Jena which is a beautiful city with lots of greenery around I could become close to the nature and enjoyed writing in park or going for hiking and living life in less hustle, I am sure that this is the life I want to live and pursue writing as my career.

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