How to get inspired from traveling!

Traveling is done not only for vacation, it could be for many other reasons like for studies, jobs, health treatment, visiting family or for pleasure. We can also be inspired from traveling. To me it has given the opportunity to understand other culture, try different cuisines, feel the beauty and importance of the languages, to know the way of socializing, getting to know the architecture of the place, natural sites, arts museums and many more.

The blog below emphasizes the advantages of traveling:

The first time I traveled out of my country Nepal was in 2010 when I came to Germany. I lived in a city called Bonn, which is in the West of Germany. Since I am in Germany I have to sometimes struggle with the German language, though the studies was in English medium. Sometimes socializing with the native people here could be struggle but not always. Well leaving back the negative aspect of being in Germany, there are a lot of things I have earned in terms of knowledge, life experiences, educational degree, true friends, and memories and not to forget, here I found my passion for writing which I am pursuing now.

Traveling has been the greatest excitement factor for me and has inspired me a lot in these years. I remember in 2011, I had my first vacation in Germany in Warnemünde Beach of East Sea close to a city called Rostock. That was in summer, since I was still a student, I worked in a Restaurant in Berlin and collected some money for a small vacation. I had Kritan my now husband with me. We were so unaware about traveling, and I remember we didn´t even book a hotel before arriving there. Since Warnemünde is very busy during summer time, it was impossible for us to find a hotel room. It was almost late night and we had to take a train to Rostock, 20-25 minutes and had to pay more than our budget for an expensive hotel room. Next day we took train back to Warnemünde, the second time I saw a Sea, first time was in Bangladesh in 2009 when we were attending the Leo youth club conference. The feeling of spending time in beach and walking in the water has always been so amazing. The stay was very short but we had a good time there. The place is also famous for fish and we tried smoked salmon. Kritan and I then had to move back to our destinations, me to Bonn and Kritan to Jena. We were happy to have our vacation spent nicely and wished to have many more together.

As time passed by, we both graduated and got married and traveled more together which I will write about it as well here later. But interesting part is in 2015 when I was not sure about my career and was trying hard to find a job, I got a job opportunity in a reputable company in Rostock. I find it a lucky coincidence that I got an opportunity to work in the place

where I had spent my first vacation, and was lucky enough to live where others make vacation. My apartment was close to a river known as ´´Warnow´´ where I could walk by the bank of the river every day after returning from work, and in weekends Kritan visited I used to go to the beach. Staying in a shared apartment while I was there was fortunate thing for me as I could meet some flatmates from countries like Lithuania, China, Canada, India and Poland, who now are my good friends. I have been lucky enough to have lived with multinational friends and have known about their culture, delicious food, and general cultural habits and could realize that I have good social skills to be able to make good friends.

My stay in Germany has given me all this privilege including learning the social aspects, language proficiency, food and art culture and in deed many good friends. The most basic aspects I have learnt from the German culture is Punctuality which I coming from South Asian country is important to learn. Many sustainable aspects like waste management by separating the wastes, encouragement of cloth bag instead of plastic ones and use of recyclable goods is something I have learnt while staying here. I will share more of the things I have learned while living in Germany including good and some real life experiences later in another article.

I must be thankful about the life experience of living in a European country where traveling to other fellow countries is relatively affordable and convenient for travelers like me who wants to see places and learn from the experiences and moments.

I have some of my travel experiences in the following links and how to get inspired from traveling: