A short trip to Prague 2014

A short trip to Prague 2014

I remember in 2013 we had smart phones but had no internet connection, hence had no access to GPS. So we were completely dependent on the map which we got from the person with whom we shared the ride to Prague. It was already dark when we reached the hotel; we took a tram to reach there. The next day after having breakfast we started the tour of the city early in the morning. We took the tram to the city center and then walked whole days and returned to the hotel late night tired. I have shared some of the photos from this short trip to Prague.
One of the beautiful attractions to see in Prague is Charles Bridge, it is a historic bridge that crosses the Vltava River in Prague. It is also popular with Czech artists, musicians and souvenir vendors whose stands line both sides of the bridge year-round.
The Prague Astronomical Clock is one of the world’s oldest fully functional astronomical clocks and is called the Jewel of Prague.

The John Lennon Wall in Mala Strana is one of the “cool” places to visit in the city. This is a very interesting part of my trip to Prague.

Prague Castle is the largest medieval castle in Europe and has been restored after many massive damages.
There are many tourist attractions which are beautiful and I believe Prague is one of the must go places here in Europe.

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