How to take care of mental health of children!

How to take care of mental health of children!

When we start living life for ourselves then the real life is lived. We are taught from the childhood to live a life in order to prove to the society. As a child we are taught to be conscious about what the society says about anything we do. We are taught to fulfill people´s expectations. We got to be a smart kid and always get good grades in the school, we need to be competent, when we grow up we have to get into good college, and then at a certain age get married, then have children, and the same cycle continues for our child as well. We need to be social and participate in all the social gatherings which is very important for us to feel we are a normal. We should also focus on how to take care of the mental health of children. We should be focusing on raising a child to be a happy and caring grown up.

Here is an article that gives the tips for raising caring kids:

In this hustle of living a social life we are somewhere lost into this ´´Maya´´, we forget to teach our children to acknowledge our vulnerabilities, we don’t know how to talk about our emotions within our closed circles. We fail to recognize that not every child has the same way of seeing life. Not each child is smart from early age, they might be emotionally unsafe. Such child grows up to be an introvert. Not getting the good scores in exams, may lead to the low self-esteem behavior. We forget to identify if a child is emotionally weak because of not being able to fulfill its parent’s expectations.

May be we should be aware of the emotional side of a child which arises because of being bullied in school. We also forget to inquire if a child is being abused mentally or physically by somebody from near associates. A child might be disturbed by the family violence that they have to see every day at home.

May be we should be living by accepting that the weaknesses are also part of human being. If we take care of these things from a very early age, issues like mental health disease , family violence and many other issues of the society could be alleviated.

The article below can give us the idea of Self-love and its importance in living a happy life.