What I learned from my Paris budget trip back in 2015

What I learned from my Paris budget trip back in 2015

We were in the beginning phase of exploring the European Countries, back then in 2015. We normally, when possible try to spend our birthdays by traveling, it’s kind of treat we give to ourselves. In 2015 we took a train from Frankfurt to Paris, and I remember it was in summer and was really hot. We had that excitement to visit the city of Love. Kritan had just got a Digital SLR camera and was into learning photography seriously. At that time I was kind of annoyed seeing him taking photos of every place we visited. Because he had his tripod of the camera in his backpack, and was really heavy additionally it was too hot. But now after 5 years of traveling to this amazing city, I realize how valuable are these photos captured because of his passion and am able to use them for my blog. Who would have thought that an act taken 5 years ago could give me the inspiration to write about my experience and share with you all? I have also included pictures from Paris trip in this post.
Paris is filled with beautiful world famous buildings and monuments. It is also called the City of Light; two reasons are first, it was among the first European cities to use gas street lamps back in the 1860s, making it literally a City of Light. But also because earlier, in the 18th century, Paris was a essentially a hub during the Age of Enlightenment. So literally light, with enlightened minds.
Why is Paris so popular, and what are the facts you need to know for the Paris trip? It could be the food, history, the Eiffel Tower, the River Seine, the romance, the beautiful language, home of artists, incredible museums, the fashion, architectures….who knows?
Things to expect in Paris
· Language: Some may speak English or other European languages but mostly French is the common language spoken in pairs.
· Currency: The Euro is the currency in France
· Credit cards and Bank: Most of the hotels and restaurants accept credit cards. But it is wise to carry some cash as well.
· Hot season: July and August are the hottest months in Paris
· Transportation: The public transportation in Paris is very convenient and reasonable in terms of expense. While it is always fun to explore the city by walking.
Here are the pictures of some of the attractions we could visit in a small span of time, 3 days.
                                Photo: Eiffel tower at night
                                       Photo: Night Photography
Photo: Arc de Triomphe
Photo: Louvre

Photo: Montmartre

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