Living an authentic life along with the social media !!

Living an authentic life along with the social media !!

We are living in 2019 and it’s almost in the era of social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and what not. People are so much busy working for the corporate world and running the system without even knowing the bigger picture where we are being led to. In the free time we are so much obsessed with uploading pictures in the social media, being involved in the internet almost all the time. We are unknowingly starting to live a fake life by updating the status and pictures revealing the amazing pictures of ours. We might be falling into the pitfall of showing off our possessions and unnatural living lifestyles in such platforms. In this world where we can become anything, we are trying to fit into this generational trends of not being real. We have to learn how to live authentic life along with the social media.

The challenge lies in how we can live an authentic life while being part of the social media and using such platforms for the sake of the fellow beings and adding for the quality of life. I am not saying I am not the part of such trend I too am the person who enjoys the use of social media and internet. But lately I have learned to use the internet and social media platform as a learning tool for self-development, connect to spiritual experience of people, get inspirations from the stories online and share my part of stories and experience so that it could be helpful for a curious student of life like me.

We can learn from many You tubers, bloggers, motivational speakers, health issue survivors, and true warriors of life who have struggled in their life and learnt lessons. There are communities online sharing their journey which can become the path director to inspiration seeking people who can learn the lessons from the example that has been shared by the others.

When I was struggling during my low point in life, I used internet as a source of education by learning from some you tubers who changed my perspective of life. In this world where we from childhood have been programmed in a certain way that in order to be successful, we need to earn a lot. And because I was not happy in my career, and was in quest of my life purpose, I came to learn from the people out there sharing their perspective of what life means and how it should be lived. I used to be very ambitious and there is nothing wrong with that but I was so hard on myself and was self-sabotaging for not being so successful. I eventually learned happiness comes from doing things that we love to do, and if there is a purpose of my life then it will seek me naturally and I don’t have to be hard on myself. I learned from some youtube influencers about how to live each and every day by focusing in small little things that matter to our happiness. There are communities in Facebook, Instagram, Youtube where people are sharing their authentic lifestyle and practical solution in overcoming the difficult certain part of our lives. I learnt to give more time to my hobbies like singing, hiking, journaling, walking almost every day at least for some minutes. I gave more time on self-care more than worrying about not working in a big company. I realized my effort to live every day being careful about how I treat myself through positive affirmation and focusing on more good things and events that would come into my life naturally. In this way I am learning to live more authentically in this modern age.

Here is one of the many You tubers I follow who helped me initiate my online journey:

I am sure there must be ways for everyone how they can live life more authentically in this century of advancing technology, by sharing more of the stories and self-experiences, perspectives to others so that we all can learn from the lives of each other’s.

We can follow this steps to learn more about how to live an authentic life: