Be Unstoppable!

Be Unstoppable!

Sophia Cecil, MPA Certified Nutritionist/Wellness Coach/CLC

Here is a Colleague of mine who is sharing her share of story about finding her purpose and contributing to the community as a Nutritionist. She wants to inspire us to be unstoppable and pursue our dream no matter what the circumstances are.

Be Unstoppable!

Being an immigrant, I was feeling alone and lost when I first came to the United States of America. Despite having a bachelor’s degree in Nepal, I had to start from Zero level. I left my friends and family back home. But I had hunger and a spark within me to do something for my family and my community. I began my new college and found my purpose in life. I had a passion to help many people to give priority to self-care by eating good, nutritious food and taking care of your emotions. I came from a society where women wait for permission to live their dreams and speak their mind. First and foremost, I wanted to break that chain in our culture. I wanted to see women be more financially independent.

We women are perfectionists, which can sometimes get in the way to achieve our dreams. I realized after many years of being in a cocoon that all I needed to do was believe in myself. I started small by helping people one at a time, while I was a full-time employee as a Nutritionist and Nutritionist Manager. I started seeing an impact on people’s lives slowly and started building confidence within myself. I was very introvert and because of my self-doubt and self-sabotage nature, I was not thinking out of the box.

However, polishing my positive thoughts with my personal development, and being in a community surrounded by positive people, I became unstoppable. I then began helping more and more people. With my positive results, I came to know that I was having an influence on many people. I have a vision in my mind that I need to keep learning and impacting many women and men out there who think they are not worthy enough. I think everyone has a potential within themselves, but only few people can realize that and have a courage to protect their dreams.

Additionally, we are only running and chasing our higher education and good university education. I personally have a master’s degree, but to me education is the tool to open your daydreaming eyes. However, you must do your inventories within your own mind and body to know yourself better. Education is not everything to me. You must know your value that you can give it to this world. Everyone has failed in their lives but embracing all your imperfections and learning every day to utilize your passion into a career is the great way to protect your domain.

Moreover, daily self-care routine or regimen like waking up early, doing intense exercise, eating right choice of breakfast, listening to self-affirmation videos, such activities will help align your mind, body, and soul altogether. Before even starting your day with helping others, I would recommend to listening to positive and powerful podcasts or music which help to balance your hormones for a whole day. On the top of that, good nutrition will help you think positive, be healthy, and stay fit. During this time in quarantine, we can boost our immune systems with the right choices of food and stay healthy. I think this time teaches so many of us that we do not need to rely on doctors and allopathic medicine. Instead of that, we need to start practicing self-care and that means trusting your body.

Obesity problem is rooted in our society due to our busy lifestyles these days, so, I am helping my community by offering Health and Nutrition classes to be healthy overall, lose or gain weight and offering breastfeeding support to mothers who are in need through Body 2 Soul Nutrition Services ( I am also offering jobs to those serious like-minded people who need to make extra income by being our business partners. I, as a Nutritionist, wellness coach, and lactation counselor, have a lot of responsibilities towards my community from all over the world and I am being unstoppable to help people who need me.

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