Mandala painting

Mandala painting

We are thinking of making an interactive blog in midst of Lock down all around and while we are staying at home with our children. We would like to introduce to you a recreational art form called Mandala painting. Let us learn more about making mandala painting. “The word mandala comes from Sanskrit, and it means “sacred circle.”. Mandala is not limited to any kind of religion but it’s a form of creativity followed by people of any culture. It is a form of art therapy and its creative process helps to improve mental health and well-being. People do not need to have artistic ability or special talent to participate in creating Mandala painting art, and people of all ages including children, teens, and adults can benefit from it.

Some of the benefits of making mandalas are:

  • Mandalas bring feeling of relaxation
  • Help with balance
  • Bring peace and tranquility
  • Looking at them bring feeling of calmness
  • Help with concentration
  • Make easy to be mindful
  • Lets our creativity flow

Mandalas painting is also a kind of meditation that can help focus your attention. They bring harmony, because energies flow through all their shapes and colors. These energies can transform negative things into positive ones.

My friend Mandira Manandhar creates Mandala and we would like to integrate her creativity with this blog and make something interactive approach to the readers. So we have her creative work in downloadable form. It is an opportunity for you to print these art and color them for yourself or let your children color as a creative project for them. After finishing coloring the Mandala you may take a picture and then send us or just put a picture in Instagram and tag us, mandala_aridnam or Everydays_inspiration_1986.

We would appreciate your engagement with our creative approach. We would love to hear your feedback regarding Mandira´s work and may be in future she makes the printed booklet of Mandalas. Please let us know how you feel about this blog post.

Please click the downloadable 4 files below: