What I learned from the crisis

What I learned from the crisis

It has been 10 years since I left home and I am still adapting to life in this developed country. Here, I got the opportunity for quality education and work experience in a biotechnology company. Lately, the things I have been focusing on are how to be empathetic, to communicate well, organize better and learn about personal development skills. And here I want to share what I learned from the on going crisis.

When I was still in my country, I saw people suffering daily to meet the need for food and shelter and access to the basic health system. I have seen children who walk miles to go to school, lack the necessary educational materials, and quality family time from their parents because they are busy earning money. I cannot forget the struggles men and women went through every day of their lives.

At the moment, it is lockdown for the privileged people, but for those who sustain on a daily paycheck, bringing food on their plate is the biggest challenge. While in quarantine, I thought to write and inspire people who have access to the internet, but how can I forget to show my care to those for whom the internet is still science fiction. I have been thinking about how to be creative and be of service, and have been sharing inspirational stories on LinkedIn and Facebook, but how could I forget that the needy are also those who cannot afford internet and inspirational stories don’t matter at all to them.

Just yesterday I had a webinar session with the leaders from the Female Wave of Change and we meditated and thought of the people who have been struggling.  At the end, of the session, I realized that I have been focusing too much on how to grow my blog readers and how to improve my career. I realized the world not only needs inspirational words, but it also needs helping hands, especially to those who struggle for necessities like food, health, and shelter for survival.

This pandemic has given me a new perspective on how I want to see myself contributing to society in the future using writing and speaking engagements. At this moment the quote I have in my mind is “Helping hands are better than praying lips” by Mother Teresa.

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