You are the light!

You are the light
Don’t forget
No matter what situation you are in
Don’t forget the moments when you enjoyed those monsoon rains
Those moments you cherished are lifelong treasures
Those pillow fights with siblings and the scars you still have in your face makes you a happier person
You are the light
Don’t forget going to school joining your hands with your sister
Also don’t forget the moment when you bunked school when you were kid
You are the light
Playing with friends during the lunch break
And memories of copying home works before the teacher enters the room are treasures too
You are so rich if you still remember those family dinner time together and watching the TV programs before going to bed
You are the light
No matter what grades you got, the combine study time with friends at your home makes you a successful person you are today
You are the light
If you treasure the memory of collecting the coins in a clay piggy bank and breaking it to buy a fancy Geometry box
You are light
Yes you are the light
Even though you have had to leave your home for future aspirations
And have been cherishing all those memories
You are the light
You have lived so many stories which you can tell it to your grandchildren when you become old
This makes you a successful and happy person
Yes you are the light!

I have an article where I have shared my childhood experience and memories: