How to stop comparing yourself to others

How to stop comparing yourself to others

We all are unique and have our worth and values. But it was not easy for me to understand it before. I want to be true and genuine here today. Since I was a teenager I had set a benchmark of what achievement I need to reach in terms of gaining education and degree. I had a neighbor of my age and they were getting really good grades in school, I had friends ranking top 3 in class and I felt low self-worth. As I kept ageing, I had a mindset that most of my friends are going abroad for further studies, so I had to pursue a degree in the western world. Then again I hear my friends are married and have kids already. I have spent so many valuable times of my life comparing myself to others. I have to reach this goal, I have to acquire this much of possession, I have to have secure job stability, I have to keep moving and growing just like others. But in this run of comparing and competing, I somewhere forgot to live my life on my terms, I never had the time to think of a vision of my own. It also took me time to understand that other people´s success does not mean I am a failure and I should not feel inferior to someone else. Here are some ways about how to stop comparing yourself to others.

I made time to stop for a while and realize what have I gained from the values of my friendships and relationships, what life lessons have I learnt during all these times. They are meaningful to me because we are here to live our own lives and have our vision throughout our journey. One´s vision might not be similar to that of others but it is equally important. I had to give myself time to figure out what living life looks like for me and started boosting my self-worth. Our vision may be greater than all the things the society demands from a person, it might be more meaningful and more valuable. I stopped comparing myself to others, instead of judging my life based on a relative perspective I had to see my well-being and my life mission in an absolute term. Our beauty, our worth, our life purpose and our art of living life is unique and this should never be compared to others, this is how we can live a happy and fulfilling life. As soon as I stopped comparing myself to others I felt a sense of freedom and life became much more beautiful than before. I started enjoying my victories and wins  no matter how small they are. I practice continuous positive thought pattern and positive self-talk about myself. I started a more healthy comparison and learning and getting inspired by others instead. Now I have set my own benchmark and am not running after someone else´s aim but living and feeling the moments of life and trying to make it impactful. Instead of comparing myself with others, I realized we all are unique and have our own strengths, interests, importance, powerful stories, light and there should be no competition at all. In the end, I would like to end this article with a  quote “A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms.” – Zen Shin.

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