You are not alone!

You are not alone!

Have you ever had time in your life when you felt that you are alone and weak? I have had many times when I had the feeling of being low and unworthy, but fortunately, during such times I have always found someone who would come to me and say that “You are not alone!”.  We are humans and we do feel low and unworthy sometimes, maybe at this moment you are feeling so, but let me tell you my friend “You are not alone”.

If someone around you might need these few words from you, so turn around and approach that person and assure them by saying “You are not alone”. I have been lucky to have been with friends and family who would always show up to give me a company and made me feel less lonely. It is the generation of technology and media, we have so many ways to approach to our loved ones using many online ways, and it is more than easy to just drop a message or make that call and show our presence to them. We express our selves through social media and share our happiness and victories and achievements through such Media.

But we should also remember that we are social beings and more we share our worries and troubles, lesser it becomes. It is okay to be low, it is okay to fail sometimes, it is okay to feel unworthy for sometimes, but it is equally important to share our sadness and loneliness to our close ones. Let’s just look up to our friends or families or even colleagues who might be there to listen to our worries and sharing those with them can make you less worried and less lonely. And if you know someone who needs you to listen to their story of loneliness and sadness, then listening to them would be a great help and this could make a difference in their lives.

I have a podcast recorded if you are feeling sad and want to hear some positive thoughts: