Late night thoughts, we are compassionate beings!

Late night thoughts, we are compassionate beings!

If you are jotting down your thoughts after late midnight then this has to be very special and genuine one. I am here on 7.9.2019 at 2.29 am on my desk with a laptop typing down my musings. I must say if you are waking up this long means either you are worried/anxious about something or you must be really passionate or motivated about recording your thoughts in your journal. True feelings and thoughts have to be shared because then only it gains value and life. And the realization I came up at this time is “People care, yes they do”.

We humans are social beings and love to be around and express our situations either by celebrating or spending time with one another. While I was motivated and I had a late night thought that we are a compassionate beings.

But it is not always the same case, on the long run, time changes everything be it circumstances or intensities of the bonding with the people around. We all have our phases in life, when we are being challenged by our own issues be it work life, relationship wise, health wise or any other. In midst of these personal phases we become enclosed into our own bubble and forget to connect with our friends or families.

I never was too sincere regarding this idea “What goes around comes around!” until lately when I needed encouragement and motivation regarding my writing passion, my friends and people started boosting up my spirit. My husband Kritan has always been the person who believed in helping people, being nice to everyone, expressing more often with the friends and family. And I have been a bit different, expressing less and trying to be more in my own comfort zone. The lesson I have been learning lately is to express more, motivate others in their tough time, congratulate more often even in social media sites, and praise their accomplishments so that when you need those you have already earned them. I have been lucky to have friends and family who care about my good work and encourage me to follow it and have the feeling that we are compassionate beings.

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Lately I have been reading a Spiritual Autobiography of His Holiness The Dalai Lama in which he speaks about kindness and compassion and pray for a more loving human family:

“Even when I meet a stranger

Each time I have the same feeling:

“He is another member of my human family”.

Such an attitude depends

My affection and respect for all beings.

May this natural loving-kindness

Become my small contribution to world peace!

I pray for a world that is more friendly.

More loving, and for a better understanding

Among the human family, on this planet.

That is the appeal I make form the bottom of my heart

To all those who hate suffering

And cherish lasting happiness.”

The blog below from Positive Psychology defines happiness as: