Persistence is the key to success!

Persistence is the key to success!

While I have been working on my blog and have just published my first Podcast episode, I realize I have been in an exciting phase of my newly paved career. It’s been only a year I have been giving full-time effort to this new aspiration and am working with full motivation. When I get good feedback from people around me who genuinely like my path, I feel I am doing good and hoping to get success. Being optimistic is a great way to keep yourself motivated even when no one really sees the outcome. In these days I have been following the fact that persistence is the key to success.

 It is easy to get discouraged in the beginning of any pursuit you are following. In my case, while I am all around sharing how much I am enjoying my work life which I initiated to inspire people, share genuine life stories about success and failures, it is not easy all the time. Let me tell you my part of the story about working on this path behind the computer. Many times I subconsciously happen to check the job board related to my academic qualification, I stumble upon many job openings which are very interesting and rewarding. During such moments I have to remind myself about my determination to follow the path that I have decided. I have to remind myself constantly the discontentment that I have had experienced during my engagement in the mainstream work environment. While I have been attempting to establish myself in a creative and publishing sector, I must focus on my vision that it takes time to be a full-time professional writer or a Podcast creator that I am become I would like to advise to those who are in a similar situation like me, in the path of creating their own creative or any kind of their dream empire. In the beginning it may look unsure but if you feel you are following the right path then keep going and trusting the process and believe that persistence is the key to success. It is up to you to create your dream-life and no one can do it for you. And yes at the right time you will achieve the success you have dreamt of or even better than you have imagined.

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