Wisdom of life!

Wisdom of life!

I am writing to thank the almighty for every fight I have fought with myself and my challenges. I am grateful to people I came across from whom I have learnt the value of life. With every moment passing by I meet people who remind me of the privilege of life I am given and make me not take it for granted. It is all about learning from others´ life wisdom that helps us to fight our own challenges. And in the process of learning, we are brought up to people who as well can learn from our wisdom of life.

 It’s all about the journey we all walk and meet someone at some point of time in life. They say when the time is right we are given a friend who shows how to live your life in the situation we are not sure about. We come across people, situation, the opportunity just at the right and perfect time. When I was struggling with my existential crisis, all I did was trusted the process, followed my heart and believed that at right time I will be given the light on my purpose of writing and sharing ideas about our life experiences. I believe that if you are struggling in your life in terms of health, career, relation, spiritually or mentally, it is important to trust the process and believe „this too shall pass“.

We all are given the pain or suffering only as much as we can bear. So if your challenges are very tough and difficult then bear in the mind that you are stronger enough to make through these struggles. And I believe the struggles and situation are there to make us humble and more grounded and kind to one another. Sometimes the situation might be too much intimidating and too difficult to bear, but it is testing our patience and we need realize that it is not the end of the world and we should live life with compassion and trust in the universe that everything will be fine.

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